We thought people might like to see some of the some of the elements from our Snippets of Paper presentation.

Here’s Kathy telling a “fold and tell” story, The Gift:

And here’s how to fold a 16 page alphabet book out of a single sheet of paper:

If you’d like a template for the book, you can download on here.

A Dragon:
We made a paper dragon for the show, and you can make one too. Follow the pdf here.

Paper Dolls:
Of course, we couldn’t do a presentation about without some paper dolls. If you don’t know how to make them, there are instructions here.

We also showed a simple way to make a mask. It helps to have a template to position the eyes, and we have one here.

If you want to go deeper into masks, we have a booklet for you here.

Cut and tell:
Kathy learnt another “cut and tell” story here.




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