Harry and Zoom
Harry and Zoom

Here are some comments from survey cards that people filled out after recent shows!

The Wind in the Willows —March 15, 2015

As much for adults as for children, I enjoyed seeing The Wind in the Willows a second time. (Mother of a 7-year-old fan)

We enjoyed it & loved the musical accompaniment.

Excellent show! We saw Felicity Falls as well. I loved the addition of the music for WitW. Thanks!

I love your shows – so creative and truly geared towards children in a time when all many kids see is animated shows. The live music is wonderful and I particularly like the singing.

I really like how you change your voice for each puppet. I would like to see more of the story like the train chase, Christmas at Mole’s and Toad’s escape from his room. It’s o.k. if the play gets longer. (Callie, age 7)

Wonderful performance. My first time. I love the props, beautiful materials. Music accompaniment is very effective. I had heard of your troupe and was happy to finally attend a performance.

Great puppets! Loved the story & the music. Loved it!

Perfect March Break activity.

The shows are always imaginative and highly entertaining for children and adults. The puppets and sets  are beautifully created and allow the audience to be immersed into the story. We eagerly anticipate more shows!

The Last Polar Bears—January 15, 2015

That was the best theatre play I’ve ever seen in Canada. Thank you so much!

I really enjoyed the show (Clara, 9)

Wonderful show! All the children were engaged the whole time!

Anna liked being dragged across the deck of the ship!

Always wonderful shows! Thank you.

We loved it. Thank you! It inspires children and adults to imagine.


More plays please. We love your plays.

Great show – as always!

The Nightingale—October 26, 2014

We love your shows. Thank you for making them financially accessible for families.

Nightingale was a wonderful story. We liked the music a lot.

I liked the nightingale’s song (Heidi, age 6).

It was good. I especially liked that it was funny. There was pretty music. It was a real story.

Excellent show! Great for children’s imagination.

This was the first play I took my daughters to (5 & 2 years). They loved it. Great experience. Thank you!


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