At home…

An interview with Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre 
by Karen Scott-Gagne, reposted from Shenkman Arts Centre’s Facebook page.

Everybody’s staying at home these days, even the family of puppets at Rag and Bone Puppet Theatre Company. We’ve checked in to see how they are doing.

Don’t miss the (free) live streaming of Felicity Falls on Monday, April 6 at 11 am.

What are the puppets doing to keep busy while they’re home?

The puppets are getting used to staying at home and it helps that they have been very busy. Several of them have roles in Felicity Falls so they have been practicing regularly. And because they have had to cancel their in-person performances, they have been building a new set so they can live stream their show from home. Mostly Kathy and John have been using the hammers and other tools, but the puppets get to help with organizing things.

Do the puppets have anything they’d like to say to their friends in other houses?

Yes! The puppets have really been enjoying hearing from all of you through their Facebook page. They want to thank you for your messages.

It can get a little lonely not being with their friends from the schools, and the families who normally go to see their live, in-person shows. They especially miss your reactions, like your laughter and applause. That kind of feedback means the world to a puppet!

Tell us a little about Felicity Falls, the show that you will be live streaming on Monday.

The show is about a community of animals living right here in the Ottawa Valley in a village called Felicity Falls. Like all families, they’re each in their own homes, and like all families these animals have a few small problems, like when Little Girl Rabbit loses her brother’s teddy bear and he finds it difficult to get to sleep without it.

When the roofs start leaking in their houses, they all go to Rabbit’s kitchen, because it doesn’t have any holes in the roof. Now all of the animals are squeezed into one small space. Imagine standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a porcupine! That’s very prickly problem.

We don’t want to spoil the show for you though, so be sure to watch us live on Monday for the whole story.

What’s the best thing about Felicity Falls?

Joy! Felicity means happiness, which is what these friends find in each other. Joyfulness is one of the most important feelings. The show reminds us that even though we all have little problems from time to time, everything turns out okay. Like sunshine after a storm, there is always joy after a challenge.

You had two shows scheduled at Shenkman Arts Centre before we all had to stay home. Will we get to see them?

Yes, you will! Hat Trick and Enchanté are both new shows that were to debut at the Shenkman Arts Centre this spring. The puppets were disappointed because the shows had to be postponed until the fall or winter. But just like in Felicity Falls, they remain joyful, knowing they will see their friends again. We will let you know the new dates soon.

How do we watch the live stream of Felicity Falls?

Visit our Facebook page for the live streaming of Felicity Falls on Monday, April 6 at 11:00 am.

What if we want to buy tickets to your future shows?

Normally we sell tickets from our website, but that’s on hold until we can see each other again. If you would like to give a gift to a friend so they can see a Rag & Bone show in the future, gift certificates are available on our website.

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At home…

An interview with Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre by Karen Scott-Gagne, reposted from Shenkman Arts Centre’s Facebook page. Everybody’s staying at home these days, even the

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