Snippets of the Season

Kathy and a surprise guest!
Look who's here!

Saturday December 18 & Sunday December 19 at 1:30

Ho, Ho, Home for the holidays? Us too! Join us on December 18 or 19 at 1:30 for a wacky collection of books, stories, poems, and songs about the most wonderful time of the year.
With timely tunes and seasonal songs from Russell Levia, and special visits from Owl, Toad, Mole and others, John and Kathy wish you all the best. May your days be merry and bright—and may all your holidays be just right!
Attendance is limited, so we recommend that you reserve your spot soon.
We will send you a Zoom invite and ask you to come in with sound and video on, turn them off for the show, and come back afterwards for questions and comments. That way, we can see who’s there, say hello, and chat with you afterwards. 
Thanks to the Ottawa Community Foundation for funding this project and The School of Dance, our partner for this year’s series.

What’s new with us?

John and Kathy find a hat!
What's with this hat?

How are things? It hasn’t been an easy year, but we’ve seen some bright spots! We’ve been so happy to see kids, parents and teachers enjoying our shows online—and so impressed with those of you who’ve found ways to make this crazy virtual world work. It’s wonderful to finally enjoy some summer weather. And we have some fun new projects that we’re eager to share!

We’re busy putting the finishing touches on Hat Trick, our newest show, which will be available to Zoom in June (soon!)

We’re planning more episodes of Snippets, our staged reading series.

We’ve started work on a new show for senior and adult audiences called An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good.

And …

Drama classes anyone?
We will be teaching “Discover Drama” (online) from 10:00 to 11:30, July 5-9, for ages 8-10. Spots are going fast, so if you know someone who’d like to join us (or another class) for drama games and acting, get in touch with the Ottawa Children’s Theatre asap!

Are you a puppeteer?
Fresh Ideas in Puppetry, an annual mini-conference and festival, showcasing artists taking new and ground-breaking directions in puppetry, is looking for live-to-broadcast or pre-recorded presentations about your discoveries.

Are you a teacher or community presenter?
Consider booking an online performance before the year ends! Email us for more info, or contact MASC.

Looking for more online events? Check out the Ottawa Children’s Festival’s line up.

Dorval Family Morning Series presents Felicity Falls

Sunday, January 31 at 11 am, via Zoom $5 per Zoom link

Kathy with Rhapsody and Rose
Kathy with Rhapsody and Rose
Rag & Bone is going on tour (virtually) and you’re invited. Our annual performance at the Dorval Library, just outside of Montreal, P.Q., will be presented via Zoom with a live intro and a live Q & A. The show is Felicity Falls, and we’d love to see you there!
Felicity Falls is about a group of animals who find a new place to live. The show follows their everyday lives as they build their homes and their community. Even parents will laugh at what happens when one little rabbit can’t sleep and another loses a teddy bear. Then the roof starts to leak. And a hot air balloon arrives with someone who will change their lives forever. These gentle, funny stories about families are told with stuffed toy puppets to encourage children to go home and make up their own stories. Because felicity means happiness.
The children were captivated by the story line and the delightful stuffed animals…It dealt with familiar topics—getting along with each other, family togetherness, friendship. They thoroughly enjoyed the presentation! The selection of musical instruments was very intriguing for young children. They loved the sounds!—Central Park School, Toronto!
See more about Felicity Falls here.
More on Dorval’s upcoming events here (search for arts & culture).

Snippets of the Season

Look who’s here! Saturday December 18 & Sunday December 19 at 1:30 Reserve here. Ho, Ho, Home for the holidays? Us too! Join us on

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What’s new with us?

What’s with this hat? How are things? It hasn’t been an easy year, but we’ve seen some bright spots! We’ve been so happy to see

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